Chicago Book Expo Nov 24, 2013

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My wife, Christine Todd, and I will be signing books at the Chicago Book Expo tomorrow, November 24, from 11 AM to 5PM. Come pick up your signed copy of Autonomy and S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System. The Chicago Book Expo is from 11am to 5pm on the campus of St. Augustine College, 1345 West Argyle. I will be signing books at the Red Anemone Books table (St. Augustine Hall).

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S3 Sexagesimal Reference Book Published

Posted in: Autonomy,S3 Sexagesimal by jean-michel on December 16, 2011

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System

My new book, S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System, is PUBLISHED.

S3 is a companion to my upcoming novel Autonomy, which will be released in print and as an eBook in spring 2012. This is the base-60 numerical system adopted by the Autonomous Community as their “community standard sexagesimal.” S3 is also handy as a standalone reference for anyone interested in base-60 mathematics.


“Promoting a purer understanding of the relationships between space and time … 5 stars. The system is just that neat.”
-Patrick Louis,

Paperback: $7.99

eBook: $3.99

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